CCC परीक्षा का पाठ्यक्रम | CCC Exam Syllabus

CCC परीक्षा का पाठ्यक्रम (CCC Exam Syllabus)

Introduction to Computer – Introduction, Components of Computer System, Concept of Hardware and Software, Representation of Data/Information, Concept of Data processing, Application of IECT etc.

Introduction to GUI Based Operating System – Basics of Operating System, The User Interface, Operating System Simple Setting, File and Directory Management, Types of files etc.

Elements of Word Processing – Word Processing Basics, Opening and Closing Documents, Text Creation and Manipulation, Formatting the Text, Table Manipulation etc.

Spread Sheets – Elements of Electronic Spread Sheet, Manipulation of Cells, Function and Charts etc.

Introduction to Internet, WWW and Web Browsers – Basics of Computer Networks ( LAN/WAN ), Internet, Service on Internet, Preparing Computer for Internet Access, Web Browsing Software, Configuring Web Browser, Search Engines etc.

Communication and Collaboration – Basics of E-mail, Using E-mail, Advance email features, Instant Messaging and Collaboration etc.

Application of Presentations – Creation of Presentation, Preparation of Slides, Providing Aesthetics, Presentation of Slides, Slide Show etc.

Application of Digital Financial Services – Why savings are needed ? Drawbacks of keeping Cash at home, Why Bank is needed ? Banking Products, Documents for Opening Account, Banking Services Delivering Channels, Insurance, Various Schemes, Bank on Your Mobile etc.

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